Jewish community, Okružná 32, 080 01 Prešov, Slovakia

tel. office: +421 (0)51 773 12 71, (0)51 773 16 38,

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Bank: Prima banka Slovensko, a.s. - Prešov branch


The Jewish

Bárkány Judaic Exposition,

Prešov, Okružná 32,


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Office hours of operation of the Jewish community Prešov:

Monday - Friday: 8.30-12.00 hrs

contact person: PaedDr. Peter Chudý. chancellor ŽNO

Library of Jewish Community in Presov

It has been established in 2006, by cataloguing authentic religious books, prevalently written in Hebrew, German, and Hungarian. Most books originate from the XIX century. The library was gradually supplemented by both fiction, and professional literature, dealing with the history of Jews, their culture and religion.

The former is represented by autobiographical and retrospective works from the holocaust - Osudy jednej rodiny, Spravodlivosť bola ďaleko, Osudy Silvánovcov, Olúpená o právo žiť, etc.

The latter is predominantly represented by works dealing with the history of Jews as a nation, about essence of Jewish religion, rites, culture and art - History of Jewish religion, Judaism from A to Z, Jewish rituals and symbols, Jewish holidays, fundaments of Judaism, Talmud in questions and answers, and more.

At the present time, Encyclopaedia of Jewish Congregations has been gradually published, namely, Band I, and Band II. SNM - Museum of Jewish Culture is publishing volumes of submissions of conferences and other undertakings, titled Acta Judaika Slovaca. Few copies are to be seen in our library. Zidovska Rocenka (Jewish Yearbook), published by Federation of Jewish Congregations in the Czech Republic, is well justified. Magazines, published in Slovak, Czech, Hebrew, and German languages are at the disposal of our visitors in the library, as well as rare books, encyclopaedias, and others, which, due to their high intrinsic value are not lent home. Lending library operates in opening hours of the Jewish Museum. A deposit is to be paid, which is returned at the time of handing back. The sum of deposit paid depends on actual value of publication.